How we handle data, and why.
We respect your data and privacy online, and are happy to remain transparent about what data we collect from you, and for what purposes.

Why Data?
We collect data specifically to judge how smoothly BokoGames is running in terms of difficulty and advertising effectiveness. so we're adamant on ensuring the data is treated with respect and that our data collection procedures follow healthy compliances, including GDPR.

What do we collect?
All data collected by BokoGames is anonymous and cannot individually identify you.

To improve our Services
We want to make a great product for you and we need data to do that so we may monitor, analyse, profile and segment data to do this. This means we may group data and reference data to see if we can identify patterns. We use this data for things like adjusting the game difficulty, seeing and fixing a crash or to show you events based on your location.

Purpose of use
For market research, analysis
For the planning, research, development, improvement of products and services
For inquiries, correspondence to your consultation and confirmation of your identity